How to disable Internet Explorer with Microsoft Intune

This article will describe how to disable Internet Explorer with Microsoft Intune.

As of the 15th of June 2022, Microsoft pulled out the plug on Internet Explorer (it’s been a “great” 27 years). This means Internet Explorer is no longer supported and this also means you need to take some action. Time to disable Internet Explorer on our Windows devices.

But what with our legacy sites that depend on Internet Explorer? My first reaction is, do you still have those? But no worries, Microsoft Edge has an Internet Explorer mode that will make that legacy stuff work in their browser.

What is Internet Explorer mode?

As written on the Microsoft Docs website:

IE mode on Microsoft Edge makes it easy to use all of the sites your organization needs in a single browser. It uses the integrated Chromium engine for modern sites, and it uses the Trident MSHTML engine from Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for legacy sites.

We created Internet Explorer (IE) mode in Microsoft Edge for organizations that still need Internet Explorer 11 for backward compatibility with existing websites but also need a modern browser. This feature makes it easier for organizations to use one browser, for legacy web/apps or for a modern web/app. This article provides an introduction to using Microsoft Edge with IE mode.


Now that things are cleared out, let’s get technical. In the next steps we will deploy two configuration profiles to our Windows 10/11 devices that will do the following:

  • Disable Internet Explorer as a standalone browser
  • Enable Internet Explorer Mode for our legacy sites

Profile 1: Disable Internet Explorer as a standalone browser

Go to and sign in with your administrator credentials. Now go to Devices => Configuration profiles and choose + Create profile.

How to disable Internet Explorer with Microsoft Intune

Choose the following:

  • Platform: Windows 10 or later
  • Profiles type: Settings catalog (preview)

Then choose Create.

How to disable Internet Explorer with Microsoft Intune

Give your profile a Name and Description and choose Next.

Choose +Add settings, and search for “Disable Internet Explorer“. Select the setting Disable Internet Explorer 11 as a standalone browser and enable it. After that choose Next.

How to disable Internet Explorer with Microsoft Intune

In the Assignments section choose the group to who you want to assign this policy. Choose Next.

Now choose Create. Your policy will be created and deployed to the selected group.

The next step is to create a second profile for enabling Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge.

Profile 2: Enable Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge

Now create a second policy (similar to the first one), but with the following settings. Search for Internet Explorer integration and select Configure Internet Explorer integration. Enable this setting.

We also need to add a second setting to our profile. Search for Enterprise Mode Site and select the Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List. Now fill in the URL of your legacy site into the field Configure the Enterprise Mode List.

Once these two profiles are active on the devices, users will no longer be able to launch Internet Explorer, but their legacy site will open and work with Microsoft Edge. So this was my article on how to disable Internet Explorer with Microsoft Intune.

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