How to enable Public Preview for Microsoft Teams

This article describes the steps needed how to enable Public Preview for Microsoft Teams.

What is Public Preview for Microsoft Teams

Enabling Public Preview in Microsoft Teams gives early access to unreleased features. This gives users the chance to explore and test new features when they become available in public preview.

The Public Preview feature can be enabled per user, so it won’t affect the whole organization. Now let me show you how you can enable this option.

Step 1: Create a Teams update policy

First thing we need to do for enabling Public Preview for Microsoft Teams, is to create a Teams update policy in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

Go to the Microsoft Teams admin portal and sign in with your Global or Teams Administrator account, and go to Teams => Teams update policies


Create a new update policy by clicking on +Add.


Give your new Update policy a name (for example, Microsoft Teams Public Preview – ON) and set Show preview features to Enabled (by default it’s set to Follow Office Preview). Now click Apply.


You’ll notice that the newly created Update policy becomes available in the policy list.

Step 2: Assign Users

The next step is to assign this update policy to a user or set of users (group). Now select the new policy and then select Assign users.


Now search for the user to who you want to assign the Update policy, click Add. After adding, the Apply button will become available. Click on Apply.

Be aware that applying the policy can take up to 24h or 48h hours before becoming active.

Step 3: Activate the Public Preview in the Microsoft Teams app

Next and final step is to activate the Public Preview in the Microsoft Teams app by the user.

Let the user sign-in to and click the three dots () beside the profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. Click on About and then click on Public Preview.


Now agree to enable Public Preview by clicking on Switch to public preview.


After enabling Pubic Preview, the page will refresh and you will notice a P above the profile picture. This means Public Preview is enabled for your account.

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