How to add users to your Microsoft 365 tenant – Beginner’s Guide Series

In the third part of my Beginner’s Guide series, I’ll show you how to add users to your Microsoft 365 tenant. There are several ways to add users, manually, in bulk, or with Powershell. This blog post will keep it easy and basic and will show you the manual way of adding users. You can also add users with Powershell, but in these series, we will avoid Powershell and only use the GUI of the Microsoft 365 admin center.

In my previous post, I’ve shown you how to add a domain to our tenant. Next up, I’ll show you how to add users to your tenant.

Manualy add Users to your Microsoft 365 tenant

Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center and log on with your admin account. Now go to Users => Active Users => Add a user

How to add users to your Microsoft 365

The next step is to fill in the user’s name and create his/her username. Fill in the fields shown, the display name will auto-fill with First and Last name but can be changed. Choose a username, I advise you to use the Primary email address this user will use. Choose your correct domain suffix, if you added a domain and set it to default, it will automatically be used.

You can auto-generate a password and let the user change it at first login. You also can mail the login information to a certain email address of choice, like a user administrator within your IT team.

How to add users to your Microsoft 365

In the next step, we will choose to not add a license for now. I’ll show you in the next post some ideas and tips on how to manage your user licenses. So stay tuned! If you already have some Azure AD experience, feel free to check out one of my previous posts on Automatic License groups in Azure.

How to add users to your Microsoft 365

Click Next to go to the following screen. In the Optional settings page, you can fill in some more user details like Job title, department, etc…

Fill in the required field and choose Next.

How to add users to your Microsoft 365

Now let’s finish things up! Let’s review the information first, before clicking on Finish adding.

If everything went fine, you will receive a confirmation and the user will be available. Click Close, to close this window.

The new user is now ready to use!

So was part 3 in my Beginner’s Guide series, stay tuned for part 4 on how to assign and manage your user licenses.

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