Create an Azure Assigned User Group

This article will describe how to create an Azure Assigned User Group in Azure Active Directory. This blog post is part of my “Beginner’s Guide Series”.

In our tenant, we will create an Azure group for members of the Finance department. You will notice that it’s no rocket science to create a group in Azure. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Go to and sign in with a Global Administrator. Then go to Azure Active Directory => Groups => + New group.


Now let’s create a user group for all the Finance members and name it SG_SU_FinanceUsers. Use the following settings.

  • Type: Security
  • Name: SG_SU_FinanceUsers
  • Description: Group with all Finance department members
  • Azure AD roles can be assigned to the group (Preview): No
  • Membership type: Assigned

During the creation, we will add John Doe as a member of this group. Click No members selected to add members. Search for your user, click to add, and then choose Select.


Now choose Create to finalize the group creation.

The group SG_SU_FinanceUsers is now created as an Azure assigned group.

So this is how you create an Azure Assigned group. How easy was that? I hope that this blog post was informative. Feel free to comment or shout out at my social for any questions. See you next time for another “Beginner’s Guide Series” blog post.

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